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5-axis Machining Services

5-axis machining is an advanced technology that has revolutionized the way complex parts are manufactured. By using state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining equipment, it is possible to surpass conventional methods and achieve new heights in the quality and complexity of manufactured parts.

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Learn more about 5-axis machining

5-axis machining stands out for its ability to perform machining operations using five simultaneous axes of motion. Unlike traditional three-axis machining, which is limited to simple linear and rotary movements, 5-axis machining offers greater freedom of movement as well as a variety of angles of attack. This allows the manufacturing of complex shapes with extreme precision. 

Increased precision

The ability to perform simultaneous movements on five axes allows very precise dimensional tolerances to be achieved, ensuring the quality and reliability of the parts produced. 

Design flexibility 

With 5-axis machining, it is possible to produce complex shapes and contours that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other machining methods. Reduced production time The ability to machine complex parts in a single operation reduces the number of steps required for manufacturing, resulting in shorter production time and faster delivery times. 

Performance Optimization 

The 5-axis machining machines are equipped with advanced technologies such as numerical control and simulation software, which helps optimize performance and achieve high-quality results consistently.

Unlike 3-axis machining, which involves the cutting tool moving in three linear directions, 5-axis machining allows tool movement in five different directions to achieve more complex angles and shapes .

Here’s how it works:

Linear movement (X, Y, Z)

As in 3-axis machining, the tool can move in the X, Y and Z directions to cut the part to different dimensions.

Rotation around the X and Y axis

In addition to linear movements, the machine head can rotate around the X and Y axis. This allows the tool to cut the workpiece at different angles.

Rotation of the part (A, B)

In 5-axis machining, the part itself can also be rotated around two axes, usually denoted by A and B.

This rotation of the part allows access to parts of the part that would otherwise be difficult to access with only the linear and rotational movements of the tool. By combining these movements, 5-axis machining allows extremely complex shapes and contours to be produced with a single part setup. This reduces the need to repeatedly reposition the part, which can increase manufacturing accuracy and efficiency.

5-axis machining is widely used in various industries (aerospace, alternative power, medical, oil & gas etc)for manufacturing complex parts such as aerospace components, molds and dies, medical parts, automotive parts, turbines, and much more. Its versatility and ability to produce high-precision parts make it an essential technology for companies focused on innovation and quality. 

At GM Précision, we are proud of our expertise and know-how in 5-axis machining. Our qualified team and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to meet the most demanding needs of our customers, providing them with superior quality parts in a timely manner and at competitive prices. 

Whether you need small series or mass production, our 5-axis machining service is the ideal solution to guarantee the success of your projects. Contact us today to learn more about our services, our quality guarantees, and discuss your specific precision machining needs.

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