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G.M. Précision inc. manufactures mechanical products that are integrated into applications intended for the Aviation, Space and Defense industries (abbreviated in the text as “AAD”).


In accordance with the requirements of AS9100 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations”, this document establishes a series of requirements that apply specifically to GM Précision suppliers when purchase orders are associated to AAD products manufacturing, insofar as procurement activities may affect the quality of the products. AAD suppliers are requested to review this document and to comply with it in all respects.


AAD purchase (or P.O.) orders may be for products or services, including (but not limited to):

  • Requirement 1      Supplier approval / Quality management system

G.M. Précision maintains a List of Approved Suppliers for its ADD applications. The supplier approval mechanics are based on qualification criteria that are standard within AAD industries and incorporates the review and analysis of various supplier data and information.


The supplier must be able to provide a valid certificate of registration for its quality management system. Registration must be to an internationally recognized standard such as ISO9001, AS9100, AS9210, ISO17025 or NADCAP. An assessment of the associated risks is also carried out. If the supplier’s quality management system is not registered to an international standard by a recognized registrar, G.M. Précision Inc. may require exceptional and specific evaluation of the system (i.e., through a supplier audit process).


Approvals are granted for a period not exceeding 3 years. When the approval expires, the re-approval of a supplier includes the review of the supplier’s performance with respect to:

  • Conformity of products and/or services
  • On-Time Delivery (OTD)


  • Requirement 2      Nonconformity situations

If the supplier detects a situation where a requirement of G.M. Précision is not or cannot be met (in other words, a situation of nonconformity), it must inform its point of contact at G.M. Précision with no undue delay and submit a concession request or nonconformity report in a documented manner.


The supplier is not authorized to establish a disposition for nonconformity situations (i.e., scrap, rework, repair, etc.) without the written permission of G.M. Précision, even for obvious scraps: moreover, instructions issued in response to concession requests or nonconformity reports shall be followed integrally.


If a nonconformity situation of is detected by the supplier after the delivery of products or service provision, the supplier is required to write a formal “disclosure letter”, including sufficient data and information to allow effective containment actions by G.M. Précision or by its client (as the case may be).



  • Requirement 3      Certificates of compliance (CofC)

By default, for any AAD purchase order, the supplier must prepare and include a detailed certificate of compliance with each product delivery and/or after any service was provided.


Distributors must also provide a copy of certificates obtained from original manufacturers and incorporate full traceability references into their own certificates of compliance.


  • Requirement 4      Age-sensitive products

G.M. Précision reserves the right to refuse upon receipt (and return to the supplier) any age-sensitive product passed 30% of its standard shelf-life, at the date of its receipt at G.M. Précision’s facilities.


  • Requirement 5      Sub-tiers

Service provision for an AAD order must be carried out by the supplier himself; suppliers are not allowed to subcontract an AAD order without the written permission of their point of contact at G.M. Précision. For example, it is not allowed to subcontract a machining activity to another machine shop or to have a surface treatment carried out by another organization, other than the one to which the AAD order is addressed.


  • Requirement 6      Right of access

The supplier must grant the right of access to its infrastructure, equipment, as well as to its documented information, to the extent that they are relevant to the delivery of products or service provision on AAD orders, to representatives from:

  • M. Précision and/or its customer
  • Regulatory authorities


  • Requirement 7      Document control

The supplier is required to safeguard and preserve the integrity of documented information relating to the delivery of products or service provision on AAD orders from G.M. Précision for a minimum period of 10 years.


If relevant documented information need to be destroyed, the supplier must obtain prior authorization from G.M. Précision.


  • Requirement 8      Awareness

The supplier must implement employee awareness programs for:

  • O.D. prevention
  • Counterfeit parts prevention
  • Contribution to the conformity and safety of products / services
  • Importance of ethical behavior


  • Requirement 9      Notification of changes

The supplier must inform or notify in writing his point of contact at G.M. Précision of any major change that may have an effect on the quality of the products or services offered in connection with AAD orders:

  • Relocation of facilities or equipment
  • Appointment of a new management representative (i.e. quality manager)
  • Loss of registration certificate for quality management system
  • Changes to an AAD process, product or service


Changes made by the supplier may need to be reviewed and approved by representatives of G.M. Précision (or its customer) if they may, directly or indirectly, affect the quality of AAD products manufactured by G.M. Précision.