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Production service for medium and large-scale machined parts.

Thanks to our high-tech machinery and our continuous improvement processes that optimize our results, our precision machining workshop offers a complete range of CNC machining services.

Our approach focused on a partnership with our customers allows us to manufacture high precision machining parts that meet the highest quality standards.

For high-precision machining throughout Quebec, and products of excellent quality, GM Précision is what you need!

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A machining workshop like G.M. Precision is a company specializing in the processing and transformation of materials to create high-quality metal parts. In 2023, this workshop continues to provide manufacturing and assembly services for various industrial sectors, using a variety of advanced machining equipment and machines to ensure precision and product quality.

The machining workshop may also be involved in testing and measurement activities to ensure that the manufactured parts meet its clients’ requirements. The workshop’s team can work closely with clients to design custom products and meet set delivery deadlines.

In 2023, the machining workshop also utilizes advanced technologies and design tools to enhance production and product quality. With the experience and skills of its team, the workshop can also offer transportation and data processing services for clients in the mechanical and machinery sectors.

In summary, in 2023, a machining workshop like G.M. Precision is a dynamic company offering high-quality metal part manufacturing services for various industrial sectors, using cutting-edge technology and an experienced team to ensure customer satisfaction.

We also serve the following locations: Montreal, etc…

Producing & Transforming Metal Parts

Machine shops play an essential role in the industrial production sector. It is a place where metal parts are transformed using specialized machinery and tools for their assembly and use in various finished products. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on a machine shop to meet the company’s needs in terms of the quality and precision of the produced parts.

Machine shops have state-of-the-art equipment and machinery that allow for cutting, turning, milling, drilling, 3D printing, laser cutting, and other high-level operations through extensive mechanical expertise and technology. For example, custom metal plates can be produced with these tools. These facilities enable precise and efficient work, ensuring timely delivery and meeting the quality requirements of the finished products.

Testing & Quality Control Furthermore

Machine shops like G.M. Precision offer testing and quality control services to verify the compliance and performance of the produced parts. This ensures that the parts meet the specifications and standards in the industrial sector, guaranteeing superior-quality finished products.

Efficient and Reliable Delivery

Utilizing a machine shop also provides access to efficient and reliable transportation and delivery services, ensuring the proper receipt of parts and their swift assembly in the company’s production workshops. This optimizes the manufacturing and production activities, enhancing the overall efficiency of the company.

In summary, relying on a machine shop is essential to benefit from high-quality services, advanced machinery, and substantial expertise in the field of mechanical engineering. This allows for the production of high-precision and superior-quality parts, contributing to the performance and success of the company in its industry.

G.M. Précision employees are trained in the machining industry. Our employees hold a Diplôme d’Études Professionnelles in machining techniques. Spread over a period of 1,800 hours, the training leading to this diploma enables students to learn to :

  • Make the mathematical calculations required to perform the work ;
  • Handle parts made of metal or any other material;
  • Handle and operate specialized machine tools;
  • Perform machining operations from a drawing;
  • Select and prepare cutting tools and measuring instruments.

With the DEP in machining techniques, students wishing to specialize or deepen their knowledge of the machining trades can follow an adapted training program. This culminates in an Attestation of Professional Specialization in machining trades. At the end of this specialization, the trainee is able to:

  • Easily machine simple and complex parts in series, using numerical controls;
  • Repair defective components, e.g. by welding;
  • Handle and operate numerically controlled machining centres;
  • interpret complex sketches related to machining on CNC machine tools.